Friday, April 21, 2006

Back from Hell

Once again CubsFun has garnered a scoop and has found out that All-Star 1st baseman Derrek Lee will be back in action in 12 hours and NOT 12 weeks as has been reported. The miracle recovery is due to a mysterious breakthrough CAST that was put on Derrek's hand. Tests have determined that he has actually increased the strength in the injured hand and should give him better bat speed and power.


kjk said...

we need to order a couple more of those things for wood and prior!

Joel R. said...

hahaha. i think those will have to be casts for the ENTIRE arm.

dc60123 said...

perhaps a "mysterious breakthrough toothpick", placed in dusty's mouth would give him the gift of gab. and, by being so close to his melon, give him super-power brain waves as well.