Tuesday, March 15, 2005

End of the World?

Maybe not, but I'd settle for End of the Drought though. If it's gonna happen, it has to be our starting rotation that leads the way, so we need them healthy and throwing every 5th day. Check out this apocalyptic photoshop done by a friend, KJK, who is a regular part of The Cub Reporter community.


Angie said...

This is so great - a CUBS blog. I found you through Blog Explosion and I can't wait to show my husband. I have been transplanted from Illinois to Northern Wisconsin (about 40 miles from Minneapolis) and have an incredibly obnoxious TWINS fan for a husband. Needless to say, I take quite a beating for being a 'die hard' CUBS fan. Keep up the good work and THIS IS THE YEAR for us, right?? Eternal optimism.

Joel R. said...

Hey Angie,
We Cubs fans have to stick together no matter where we are. There are quite a number of good cubs blogs around. I highly recommend this one:


The Cub Reporter is the best Cubs blog around so please check it out.